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if this doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will

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[04/22/14] finally haha I finally got my mom to go with me to the track. considering she can’t really be out in the sun (it wasn’t that hot thank goodness) I think we did pretty good. we walked one mile in under 20 mins hehe ^_^ she decided we’d only go twice a week otherwise she’d probably die and then my grandma would kill me as well x.x but I’m glad we went. smoothies om nom nom. made her one with milk for her and my grandma they loved it. had to add more milk cause the peach chunks were so big it started to turn into ice cream haha :p mine I like I used water but those skin pieces be getting on my nerves for real >_< zumba tomorrow 25 mins whoop whoop. let’s do this >=]

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